E-learning Development for Employees

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Giving training online for employees is much easier as they can just sign in and take the test or watch the video online. I think for me it is a great idea that training online is provided from the company, because it is convenient. Training staff or employees can generate revenue and it helps them better employees.

This E-Learning systems which is a web based training which helps companies improve the performances of their employees without the high cost of on-site training. The students or staff can log in online and they can select a lesson and they can learn at their own with pause and resume bottoms. If your company needs to train staff online or students in order to help generate revenue in your business, feel free to check their site.

Filipina Birthday Party and the Foods

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My friend turned 30 last week and we gave her a surprised party which was held in the lobby in our condominium. Her husband told us there will be about 30 people but showed up just around 20 of us. Anyway, by the time all our friends showed up they get panicked as they thought we do not have rice for the fish and other dish (lol) and they did not know that I cooked rice for the chicken. They are being thankful to me that I cooked rice. I think it was funny since they get panicked.

It was a great party and we had a good laugh. It is nice to meet my friends sometimes and talk a lot (lol). I hope there will be a party coming up soon so that we could meet again and have fun.

sweet and sour fish
chicken curry
chicken adobo (sauteed chicken)
pancit mixed with veggies etc. (tiny noodles)

shakoy (type of Filipino snack which is a fried dough...delicious!)
delicious and colorful cupcake!
I have made this leche flan, delicious!
sticky rice with coconut on top (lonok)

The Top Web Hosting Service

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I have been talking to my husband to own a business online but I do not know who will be going to design my website and I do not know which type or best webhosting service that I am going to choose. It is confusing to decide which would I will get since there are various kinds of web hosting provider that I can find online but I have found a site which offering best or top webhosting and also you can find different kinds of web host which are rated from the customers or they reviewed it how satisfied they are from the provider that they chose.

This webhostinggeeks.com is beneficial to people who are searching the best or top web hosting service for business or personal site. Furthermore, the site where you can find the price, the space that offer, the traffic, and the review. It is such a helpful site since it has information and you will know which one kind of web host that you want. If you wanted more information and you are are looking for a new web hosting service, I recommend checking their site and their blog.

Searching Home in Michigan

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My husband and I moving in other other state soon and I am kind of sad a little bit since I lived for 4 years here in Florida and will move to a state where does snows. I hate cold as makes me sick like make me have sore throat, dry skin, dry hair, cold and cough but I am excited to be in MI since I have friends already there and besides we will live in a nice neighborhood where my husband grew up. Anyway, my husband and I planning to buy a new house in Michigan and I hope we can buy before we move so that we can arrange our stuff than putting them in the storage. As we are planning to move soon, I searched houses online and I found out the houses are on sale which are at lower price which is the right time for us to buy while the value of the property is down. There are even houses are reduced few times in order will sell off but some of them did not sell. I hope what I liked we are going to buy it and will not sell to somebody else. Searching home in MI is not a problem since there are a lot of houses are on sale. I will be gladly that we could buy one soon and I am excited to live in our new home and new place!

Pamper Yourself at Day Spa in Chicago

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I have been in Chicago together with my husband and it is one of my favorite place since the city offering great restaurants, tourist attractions, great architectural buildings and much more! We are planning to visit Chicago again one of these days and spend there for the weekend and have some fun there. Maybe while we are there, we could try to go to one of the spa which is called "Tiffani Kim Institute" and I never tried acupuncture before but it would be a great experience for us if we could book or go in their spa. I have read about acupuncture here at acupuncture fertility Chicago which is a technique of inserting hair-thin needles into the influential points throughout the body called acupuncture points to restore health and balance and it is also a of Oriental Medicine or Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Acupuncture is kind of interesting to me since they insert the tiny needle which it doesn't even bleed or hurt and I never tried it but I knew somebody tried it and told me it's not hurt and maybe one of these days I could try it. I will never know what is the feeling if I will not try. Anyway, if you are searching an acupuncture spa in Chicago area, I recommend checking now this acupuncture fertility Chicago.

Nostalgia Picture

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The picture that you can see here where I was in Switzerland and I was 21 years old that time and I was a bit skinny and compared now. It is a nostalgia picture for me since I had fun on that day with my wonderful friend named Jocelyn who always being nice to me when I am with her. We were there one time at Interlaken which is a small city and tourist area. I have been there 2 times when I was there in CH. It is a nice small city and it is nearby famous falls called "Lauterbrunnen falls." Anyway, I just wanted to post my picture here to share my memories that I cherish.

High Quality and Affordable Bronze Plaque or Grave Marker

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Before I go on, I wanted to tell a short story which was about a bronze statue which was stolen somewhere in Chicago area and the tourist guide told us somebody took it and I guess it was kinda funny, because even it was hard to get it and still somebody stole it. Anyway, I have learned bronze metal is one of the world's most durable and timeless metals. There are statues that we can find in the plaza, park are made of bronze to remember loved ones, honor fallen heroes, recognize donors and sponsors, award individuals and organizations, and events etc. My brother and I talked about ordering medals or trophie for who will win during the basketball league in my hometown. I searched online, I stumbled this BronzeMarkersAndPlaques.com which offers quality, affordable bronze markers made with quality material.If you are seeking where to get at great price, do not hesitate their site.